Ammat Consulting have written a number of web based applications that you might be interested in. These are…

The Chubby Challenge

Challenge your family and friends to see who can become the biggest loser. Start a challenge, invite other participants and see who can lose the most weight. Everyone’s a winner!


On average, a second tweet gets 86% as many retweets and favourites as the first so why wouldn’t you retweet it? Postrecycler allows you to add multiple posts that are randomly posted on a schedule you create giving them greater exposure.


You’ve flown the nest. Who’s going to turn the heating on when you’ve flown in? Flown is Out of Office for you Nest Thermostat. Just tell Flown when you are away and it will turn on your Nest just before you return ensuring the heat is on when you get back.

Create rules in Evernote to automatically file your notes based on criteria that you set.